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HEllo, I'm
Pawel Szuryga

Graphic Designer

About me

Professional Profile

Hi, my name is Pawel Szuryga and I am self-employed as a graphic designer, specialising in the fields of corporate identity (logo) design, web design, print design and branding, with the majority of my time spent designing and implementing marketing promotions for businesses such as logos, websites, letterhead, business cards, packaging and more. I am interested in the animation associated with Macromedia Flash and environment modeling in 3D Studio Max.

CV on request - please drop me a line



Graphic design

Expert, 10 years

Flash animation

Advanced, 5 years

Technical Expertise

Expert, 8 years


Expert, 2 year


Demonstration of a graphic design principles and relevant software knowledge through the application of visual arts, layout design, typography selection, design and layout, logo and icon design, colour theory. Demonstration of integration of graphical elements into website, video, social network and print and merchandise.

  • Graphic design/webdesign
  • Branding/Print/Infographics
  • Color theory knowledge
  • photography
  • Photo manipulation skills
  • Digital Painting
  • Photo Composition
  • Good sense of Tipography
  • Web Usability
  • Grid & Layout
  • Portrait Retouching
  • Flash Animations

Language Skills

English Experienced


10 Years Experience/freelancer/one year it agency

Freeline - www.freeline.pl | Graphic designer (May 2012-May 2013) Graphic Designer for Web / Print / Animation. Developing concepts and artwork, creating graphic design solutions from concept through to completion. Responsible for developing and creating both digital and print design for a wide range of print and online campaigns, publications and advertising.

Duties :

/ Managing, producing and designing projects from brief to fulfillment / Designing & creating marketing & e-marketing materials on a range of projects / Presenting finalized ideas & concepts to clients, colleagues / Answering queries from clients / Creating original artwork for short and long term projects / Designing advertisements, brochures, handouts, flyers and online graphics / Producing graphic content for site re-skins, page layouts, email designs, site graphics & static & Flash banners, newsletters, cutting layouts and creating basic html for clients presentation / Cutting layouts and preparation for HTML, CSS / Correcting code html, css, java script, php, action script

freelancing - till now


Graphic designer

2013 - 2014
Webdesign / Print design / Corporate identity

Art Director

2010 - 2014
Webdesign / Print design / Corporate identity / Flash animations / UI/UX

Graphic Designer

2012 - 2014
Webdesign / Print design / Corporate identity / Flash animations


Rzeszow State university

Master Degree

Masters University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, Poland on direction Computer Science and Econometrics. Field of study: Management systems and computer nets.
Zamosc State Collage

bachelor's degree

Collage of Management and Public Administration in Zamosc, Poland on direction Computer Science and Econometrics. Field of study: Net Computer and them Security.

Pawel Szuryga